DOTA 2 – 7.28a Secrets, Tips, Tricks, and Bugs

With the update 7.28a of Dota 2, a lot of interesting things can now be done in the game. These consists of some secrets that you generally may not know. We will also go over some Tips, Tricks, and a few bugs to look out for.

Whatever it may be, be assured that you can take full advantage of that and make the most out of your game. Lets check out the Secrets, Tips n’ Tricks, and bugs that the patch has to offer…

Psychic Headband To dispel

The Psychic Headaband is a TIer 3 Neutral item which can come in handy, for clutch situations. One of them is to dispel the Gyro Rockets directed at you or your allies. You can also use it to dispel the Leash cast by Slark. It is a very handy item that can get you out of such sticky situations. If you are able to pair this with a Shop item with strong dispel, you will be nearly untouchable in the battlefield.

You can always experiement around with this item and find new ways to use it. But the above mentioned dispels works best, and I have personally used it to get out of sticky situations many times myself. So make sure to give it a go if you have not done so.

Slardar’s Aghs Shard Build

If you manage to get the newly introduced Aghanim’s Shard on Slardar, invisible enemies will not be an issue for you. Usually you would need the Slardar Ultimate to reveal and track enemies that go off the radar! But if you upgrade Slardar with Agh’s Shard, you can simply use SLITHEREEN CRUSH to reveal these enemies (W) and track them as well. Pretty neat and handy tip for those who find blinking into a Crush, then using the ultimate somewhat hectic!

Heroes That can Attack through Arena of Blood

If you have gone against a decent Mars players, you know very well that his ultimate called Arena of Blood prevents outsides from entering or attacking inside. But there are some heroes who can hit Mars or anyone inside the Arena of Blood while staying outside. Here is a list of those heroes:

Anti-Physical Damage Build for Tinker

In order to do this build, Make sure to consume the Aghanim’s Shard on Tinker which will activate your Defense Matrix. All you need after this is the Blademail and your Ultimate. Activate BM and your Damage absorbing dome when you get hit. Reset using your ultimate and repeat. These three simple things can make Tinker anti-physcial and usually results in dealing massive damage to Right-Click heroes such as Queen of Pain or Enchantress. I would highly suggest to give this a try. I have been using this frequently and it is quite effective event at higher levels.

Use “Bushwalk” To stop “Pounce”

You can use Hoodwink‘s Bushwalk at the right moment to dodge or stop Slark‘s Pounce. It usually ends up stunning the oponnent and you can either flee from there or engage in a 1v1 or gank setup if you want. Very handy tip to know and build around in the current state of the game.

Lina’s Laguna Blade with Aghs Shard

You can use Lina’s Ultimate called Laguna Blade to pierce Spell immunity. The only catch is you can only use Aghanim’s Shards (WITHOUT Aghanims Scepter). These include the Blade Spin from Juggernaut and any BKB pop! Simply use your ulti and watch it do work. I tried a build with Refresher orb and Laguna Blade and it was fun to use. Make sure to give it a go if you want to try it out yourself.

Rubick with Aghs Shard

You can use Aghanims Shard on Rubick to lift them, even through Spell immunity. This includes any spell immunity, which consists of Black King Bar (BKB) and Juggernaut’s Blade Spin also.

Aghs Ursa vs Flaming Lasso

You can save yourself and your teammate from Batriders’ Flaming Lasso. You need to have Aghanim’s Scepter for that purpose on ursa. I think this is a bug which enables you to take away your team while in the Flaming Lasso. This can get patched soon, but you should defnitely try it out if you face such an opponent.

Wolf Bite + Juxtapose

The Aghanim’s Shard build for Lycan will enable Wolf Bite for you. When you use it on Phantom Lancer, the illusions will also gain the bonus stats that Wolf Bite grants. This will deal massive damage to enemies in a very brief period of time, with the right build.

Manta vs Pugna’s Life Drain

Using Manta Style while Pugna is Draining Life, can randomly cancel the action. The chances of this dispel happening is random but it definitely occurs as tested so far. I do not know if this is a bug or intentional but it is definitely a thing to consider when you are in a sticky situation against a Pugna.

I will be on the lookout for more bugs and other secrets, tips and tricks. If i can find any, this post will be updated and you can check it out after that. You can let me know if you have found any other unique methods after the recent Patch 7.28a. I will conclude this article for the time being and will see you in the next guide!

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