DOTA 2 | How To Fix Ping Hotkey Not Working

After a recent update of Dota 2, The Ping Hotkey, which is ALT+Click by default, is not working for a lot of players. In this post, I will show you how to Fix that and rebind some keys in order to do that. Follow the guide step by step and get to pinging again in no time!

Potential Cause

If you had equipped a custom ping icon during the Battle-pass period, you may not be able to ping the map or ground during a match. This can really hamper in-game communication. If you are not the one to use a mic, this can cause a lot of issues regarding the entire experience. Let us see some potential fixes to this.

Ping Hotkey not working Fixes

1. Swapping Standard and Alternate Ping Keys

in order to Swap between Normal Ping Key and Alternate Ping key follow these steps. Open the Dota 2 Settings and go to the HOTKEY tab. Customize the ping icon and swap between the “!” key and the “X” key for the Standard ping key and alternate ping key respectively. Go to a practice match and try it out for yourself before going forth with a real online match. It should work fine after this. Here is an illustrative image showing the same:

2. Resetting Hotkeys from Settings

The Second method is straight forward and involves resetting the Hotkey settings from in-game. I will go over it once if you do not happen to find the option. Open the settings for Dota 2 by clicking the Cogwheel icon on the top left. Now check the left bottom corner of the window and you should find the option to “RESET HOTKEYS”. Click on that, and the ping should work after that. Here an image showing the same:

Rebinding the Ping hotkeys

The last solution I would suggest is to rebind the Standard and Alternative hotkeys as per your preference. If you do not want to swap them, you can try to rebind them and check after that. Note that they will work if you press CTRL+ALT+ Click. The only issue is that it won’t work if you press ALT+ Click alone. Give this a try and let me know if you face any issues after this.

That would be all from this short fix for Ping Hotkeys Not working in Dota 2. As suggested earlier, you can still use the ping if you press CTRL+ALT+Click. For the rest of the players who want a permanent fix, you should try the other steps shown. Thanks for reading this post, and I will see you with more fixes and guides!

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