Dota 2 – Useful Launch Options for Steam

Looking for some tweaks to make Dota 2 Run properly? This guide will help you to get your game straight! All the useful Launch options are listed below for your reference.
  • Open the Steam client
  • Navigate to the Library tab
  • Right-click Dota 2
  • Select Properties
  • Navigate to the General tab
  • Click Set Launch Options

List of useful Launch Options

  • +con_enable 1 – Enables the console on startup.
  • -console – Enables the console in-game.
  • -high  – Gives Dota 2 priority CPU usage.
  • +fps_max #  – Set the maximum frame per second to the number that has been assigned.
  • -autoconfig  – Restores video and performance settings to default for the current hardware detected. Ignores settings inside any .cfg files until this parameter is removed.
  • -safe_mode  – Restores rendering API used (DirectX 9, OpenGL) to the default choice. Ignores settings inside any .cfg files until this parameter is removed.
  • -nod3d9ex  – Disables Windows Aero DirectX extensions; may improve performance in certain cases.
  • -nomicsettings  – May help people with issues in third party communication software, such as Skype, in which their microphone volume would get maxed upon launching the game.
  • -map dota  – Loads the Dota 2 map right when you launch the game. Helps load times after you find a game since you no longer have to load the map then.
  • -dx9/dx11/vulkan/gl  – Force to run chosen rendering API.
  • -novid  – Skips the intro.
  • -noprewarm  – Disable prewarm resources loads.
  • Prewarm turn on by default, loads many resources needed to play a match of Dota before the dashboard appears, and should make the time spent loading resources during connection much faster, especially on low-spec machines. The trade-off is that the initial load time before the dashboard will be a little longer.
  • -h <height> – Forces the engine to start with resolution set to <height> value in pixels. Ex: -h 768
  • -w <width>  – Forces the engine to start with resolution set to <width> value in pixels.
  • -32bit  – Force run on 32bit client.
  • -fullscreen  – Set display mode to full screen mode.
  • -noborder  – Set display mode to borderless window mode.
  • -sw  – Set display mode to windowed mode.
  • -useforcedmparms   – Allows the use of -noforcemspd and -noforcemaccel.
  • -noforcemaccel  – Use the Windows mouse acceleration settings.
  • -noforcemspd  – Use the Windows mouse speed settings.

Bonus Launch Options for Steam

  • -nomousegrab  – Enables alt-tab function in some Linux desktop environments (such as XFCE) where Dota 2 is running fullscreen and grabbing the mouse wouldn’t allow users to alt-tab out of the game.
  • -language  – Changes the language of the game strings and menu, e.g. “-language italian”.
  • -nexon  – Adds the South Korean server to your search options if you have a Korean Nexon account.
  • -perfectworld  – Allows you to play on Chinese Perfect World servers.
  • -nogammaramp  – Forces Dota to use desktop color profile.
  • -antiaddiction_test  – Adds an uptime clock.
  • -cursor_scale_percent #  – Able to change cursor size. Default 100. Overrides the setting in the in-game options if used.
  • -port – Changes the network port of Dota 2 client.
  • -forcedownloadbannedwords  – This option is to download the list of banned words from the Steam filtering system to Dota 2 to censor the words that you set.

Feel free to add to the list if you feel like we have missed any launch commands. See ya in the next guide!

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