Drums of Endurance or Eul’s Scepter – Mid Lane Guide

This post will discuss the itemization for the early game in DOTA 2. To be more precise, this will focus on the Mid Lane of the game. It involves two items called Drums of Endurance and Eul’s Scepter. These two items are HOT in the current patch (7.27d).

We will discuss when to buy them and when to avoid them; Why should we purchase them in the first place; Their counter items and more. Lets Take a look…

Why Eul’s or Drum?

In the current meta of the game, these two items offer value for money! By that we mean, these two are very versatile items for a mid player. The Biggest examples of these items in action are Arteezy & Sumail. If two of the top players of the game use it as a starter item, then be sure that they are worth your gold.

We will go over each of these items in-depth below, so keep reading…

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
  • Active: Cyclone
  • Action: A target unit is swept up in a cyclone and made invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. Cyclone can be cast on self. Enemy units take 50 damage upon landing.
  • Cooldown is 23 seconds and Mana cost is 175.
  • Low costing Item – Eul’s Scepter of Divinity only costs 2850 Gold. The recipe costs 650 gold.
  • Suitable for Mana Hogging Heroes – Eul’s is also very good for Heroes which use a lot of their Mana pool. The +5 mana regen ensures that you can cast spells and use items in clutch situations.
  • Increases Movement Speed – An increase of +20 Movement speed ensures that you have the upper hand on your opponent on movement. Since this is passive, you can build it and let it do its work.
  • Range and Casting – The Range for Euls currently is 575. This is pretty decent. If you cast cyclone on enemies, they take +50 Magical Damage. This is also a clutch when you are trying to gank or 1v1 an enemy.
  • Countering Orchid and other Silences The main goal to purchase Euls for most players, is to escape from Orchid of Malevolence. Orchid costs 3475 gold only in its current state. Most players buy it to gank and gain the upper hand. Here Eul’s comes in handy as you can self-cast and almost cancel the effect of Orchid.
  • Can be used as an Offense of Defense Item – Eul’s defensive aspect is shown above. For offense, you can easily stop an escaping enemy. You can use it in ganks and setups.

Drum of Endurance

  • Active: Endurance
  • Charges: 6
  • Action: Gives bonus +45 attack speed and +13% movement speed to surrounding allies.
  • Cheap to purchase – Drum costs less than Euls. The total cost is 1475 gold for patch 7.27d. The mana regen is +1.5 which is also decent for an active item which costs 1475 gold.
  • Grants Movement Speed – It passively grants +20 Movement speed. When you activate it, it goes up to +13 Movement Speed and +45 Attack speed.
  • Helps in Team fights – Whether it is a gank or saving your teammate, Drum can come in clutch! For defense, you can pop it and simply run away IF NOT rooted. For offense, the stats are pretty obvious. Activate it and chase down enemies with the bonus movement speed and the attack speed.

Since you can use this for 6 seconds straight, it is a decent item to get hold of. 6s may sound less but in an intense fight, every second is key to winning the battle. Especially when you are getting all of these attributes and actions for 1475 gold, it is definitely worth the farm and gold!


Both of these items in their current state are very strong and come at a very reasonable gold value. If you are Mid-Main or want to try it out, we highly recommend that you go for them. To help you boost the farm for either Eul’s Scepter of Divinity or Drum of Endurance, you can purchase Midas or Mask of Madness. The only catch is to purchase either of these two items early. If you purchase them later or at the wrong time, it will mess up the entire process of items for you.

Personal Verdict: We personally prefer the Eul’s over Drum due to the playstyle. A lot of setups are easier with Eul’s than that with a Drum. By no means is Drum a bad pick over the Eul’s. The choice comes down to personal preference in the end!

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