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Image Name Price View
Blink Dagger Blink Dagger 2250
Overwhelming Blink Overwhelming Blink 6800
Swift Blink Swift Blink 6800
Arcane Blink Arcane Blink 6800
Arcane Blink Recipe Arcane Blink Recipe 1750
Swift Blink Recipe Swift Blink Recipe 1750
Overwhelming Blink Recipe Overwhelming Blink Recipe 1750
Blades of Attack Blades of Attack 450
Broadsword Broadsword 1000
Chainmail Chainmail 550
Claymore Claymore 1350
Helm of Iron Will Helm of Iron Will 925
Javelin Javelin 1100
Mithril Hammer Mithril Hammer 1600
Platemail Platemail 1400
Quarterstaff Quarterstaff 875
Quelling Blade Quelling Blade 130
Faerie Fire Faerie Fire 70
Infused Raindrops Infused Raindrops 225
Wind Lace Wind Lace 250
Ring of Protection Ring of Protection 175
Stout Shield Stout Shield 100
Moon Shard Moon Shard 4000
Gauntlets of Strength Gauntlets of Strength 145
Slippers of Agility Slippers of Agility 145
Mantle of Intelligence Mantle of Intelligence 145
Iron Branch Iron Branch 50
Belt of Strength Belt of Strength 450
Band of Elvenskin Band of Elvenskin 450
Robe of the Magi Robe of the Magi 450
Circlet Circlet 155
Crown Crown 450
Ogre Axe Ogre Axe 1000
Blade of Alacrity Blade of Alacrity 1000
Staff of Wizardry Staff of Wizardry 1000
Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb 2050
Gloves of Haste Gloves of Haste 450
Blitz Knuckles Blitz Knuckles 1000
Morbid Mask Morbid Mask 900
Voodoo Mask Voodoo Mask 700
Ring of Regen Ring of Regen 175
Ring of Tarrasque Ring of Tarrasque 650
Sage's Mask Sage's Mask 175
Boots of Speed Boots of Speed 500
Gem of True Sight Gem of True Sight 900
Cloak Cloak 450
Talisman of Evasion Talisman of Evasion 1400
Cheese Cheese 1000
Magic Stick Magic Stick 200
Magic Wand Recipe Magic Wand Recipe 150
Magic Wand Magic Wand 450
Ghost Scepter Ghost Scepter 1500
Clarity Clarity 50
Enchanted Mango Enchanted Mango 70
Healing Salve Healing Salve 110
Dust of Appearance Dust of Appearance 80
Bottle Bottle 625
Observer Ward Observer Ward FREE
Sentry Ward Sentry Ward 75
Observer and Sentry Wards Observer and Sentry Wards 75
Tango Tango 90
Tango (Shared) Tango (Shared) 30
Animal Courier Animal Courier 50
Flying Courier Flying Courier 100
Town Portal Scroll Town Portal Scroll 90
Boots of Travel Recipe Boots of Travel Recipe 2000
Boots of Travel Boots of Travel 2500
Boots of Travel 2 Boots of Travel 2 4500
Phase Boots Phase Boots 1500
Demon Edge Demon Edge 2200
Eaglesong Eaglesong 2800
Reaver Reaver 2800
Sacred Relic Sacred Relic 3800
Hyperstone Hyperstone 2000
Ring of Health Ring of Health 825
Void Stone Void Stone 825
Mystic Staff Mystic Staff 2800
Energy Booster Energy Booster 900
Point Booster Point Booster 1200
Vitality Booster Vitality Booster 1100
Fluffy Hat Fluffy Hat 250
Power Treads Power Treads 1400
Grandmaster's Glaive Grandmaster's Glaive 5000
Hand of Midas Recipe Hand of Midas Recipe 1750
Hand of Midas Hand of Midas 2200
Oblivion Staff Oblivion Staff 1500
Witch Blade Recipe Witch Blade Recipe 600
Witch Blade Witch Blade 2600
Perseverance Perseverance 1650
Poor Man's Shield Poor Man's Shield FREE
Satchel Satchel FREE
Bracer Recipe Bracer Recipe 210
Bracer Bracer 510
Wraith Band Recipe Wraith Band Recipe 210
Wraith Band Wraith Band 510
Null Talisman Recipe Null Talisman Recipe 210
Null Talisman Null Talisman 510
Mekansm Recipe Mekansm Recipe 900
Mekansm Mekansm 1875
Vladmir's Offering Recipe Vladmir's Offering Recipe 600
Vladmir's Offering Vladmir's Offering 2750
Buckler Recipe Buckler Recipe 200
Buckler Buckler 375
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Ring of Basilius Ring of Basilius 425
Holy Locket Recipe Holy Locket Recipe 475
Holy Locket Holy Locket 2500
Pipe of Insight Recipe Pipe of Insight Recipe 1550
Pipe of Insight Pipe of Insight 3425
Urn of Shadows Recipe Urn of Shadows Recipe 335
Urn of Shadows Urn of Shadows 840
Headdress Recipe Headdress Recipe 250
Headdress Headdress 425
Scythe of Vyse Scythe of Vyse 5675
Orchid Malevolence Recipe Orchid Malevolence Recipe 475
Orchid Malevolence Orchid Malevolence 3475
Bloodthorn Recipe Bloodthorn Recipe 1000
Bloodthorn Bloodthorn 6475
Echo Sabre Echo Sabre 2500
Eul's Scepter Recipe Eul's Scepter Recipe 650
Eul's Scepter of Divinity Eul's Scepter of Divinity 2725
Wind Waker Recipe Wind Waker Recipe 1600
Wind Waker Wind Waker 7125
Aether Lens Recipe Aether Lens Recipe 550
Aether Lens Aether Lens 2275
Force Staff Recipe Force Staff Recipe 1000
Force Staff Force Staff 2175
Hurricane Pike Recipe Hurricane Pike Recipe 450
Hurricane Pike Hurricane Pike 4525
Dagon Recipe Dagon Recipe 1300
Dagon Dagon 2750
Dagon Dagon 4050
Dagon Dagon 5350
Dagon Dagon 6650
Dagon Dagon 7950
Necronomicon Recipe Necronomicon Recipe 1250
Necronomicon Necronomicon 2050
Necronomicon Necronomicon 3300
Necronomicon Necronomicon 4550
Aghanim's Scepter Aghanim's Scepter 4200
Aghanim's Blessing Recipe Aghanim's Blessing Recipe 1600
Aghanim's Blessing Aghanim's Blessing 5800
Aghanim's Shard Aghanim's Shard 1400
Refresher Orb Recipe Refresher Orb Recipe 1700
Refresher Orb Refresher Orb 5000
Assault Cuirass Recipe Assault Cuirass Recipe 1300
Assault Cuirass Assault Cuirass 5075
Heart of Tarrasque Recipe Heart of Tarrasque Recipe 900
Heart of Tarrasque Heart of Tarrasque 4800
Black King Bar Recipe Black King Bar Recipe 1450
Black King Bar Black King Bar 4050
Aegis of the Immortal Aegis of the Immortal FREE
Shiva's Guard Recipe Shiva's Guard Recipe 650
Shiva's Guard Shiva's Guard 4850
Bloodstone Bloodstone 5950
Linken's Sphere Recipe Linken's Sphere Recipe 900
Linken's Sphere Linken's Sphere 4600
Lotus Orb Lotus Orb 3950
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Meteor Hammer Meteor Hammer 2350
Nullifier Nullifier 4725
Aeon Disk Recipe Aeon Disk Recipe 1100
Aeon Disk Aeon Disk 3100
Kaya Recipe Kaya Recipe 600
Kaya Kaya 2050
Trident Trident FREE
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Refresher Shard Refresher Shard 1000
Spirit Vessel Recipe Spirit Vessel Recipe 1000
Spirit Vessel Spirit Vessel 2940
Vanguard Vanguard 1925
Crimson Guard Recipe Crimson Guard Recipe 950
Crimson Guard Crimson Guard 3800
Blade Mail Recipe Blade Mail Recipe 675
Blade Mail Blade Mail 2225
Soul Booster Soul Booster 3200
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Hood of Defiance Hood of Defiance 1450
Eternal Shroud Recipe Eternal Shroud Recipe 1100
Eternal Shroud Eternal Shroud 3250
Divine Rapier Divine Rapier 6000
Monkey King Bar Recipe Monkey King Bar Recipe 675
Monkey King Bar Monkey King Bar 4975
Radiance Recipe Radiance Recipe 1350
Radiance Radiance 5150
Butterfly Butterfly 5075
Daedalus Recipe Daedalus Recipe 1000
Daedalus Daedalus 5150
Skull Basher Recipe Skull Basher Recipe 900
Skull Basher Skull Basher 2950
Battle Fury Battle Fury 4130
Manta Style Recipe Manta Style Recipe 500
Manta Style Manta Style 4600
Crystalys Recipe Crystalys Recipe 500
Crystalys Crystalys 1950
Dragon Lance Dragon Lance 1900
Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe 650
Armlet of Mordiggian Armlet of Mordiggian 2475
Shadow Blade Shadow Blade 3000
Silver Edge Recipe Silver Edge Recipe 1100
Silver Edge Silver Edge 5600
Sange and Yasha Sange and Yasha 4100
Kaya and Sange Kaya and Sange 4100
Yasha and Kaya Yasha and Kaya 4100
Satanic Satanic 5050
Mjollnir Recipe Mjollnir Recipe 900
Mjollnir Mjollnir 5600
Eye of Skadi Eye of Skadi 5300
Sange Recipe Sange Recipe 600
Sange Sange 2050
Helm of the Dominator Recipe Helm of the Dominator Recipe 975
Helm of the Dominator Helm of the Dominator 2350
Helm of the Dominator Level 2 Recipe Helm of the Dominator Level 2 Recipe 1600
Helm of the Dominator Helm of the Dominator 6000
Maelstrom Maelstrom 2700
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Gleipnir Gleipnir 6150
Desolator Desolator 3500
Yasha Recipe Yasha Recipe 600
Yasha Yasha 2050
Mask of Madness Mask of Madness 1775
Diffusal Blade Recipe Diffusal Blade Recipe 700
Diffusal Blade Diffusal Blade 3150
Ethereal Blade Ethereal Blade 4300
Soul Ring Recipe Soul Ring Recipe 275
Soul Ring Soul Ring 740
Arcane Boots Arcane Boots 1400
Octarine Core Octarine Core 5475
Orb of Venom Orb of Venom 275
Blight Stone Blight Stone 300
Orb of Corrosion Orb of Corrosion 825
Falcon Blade Recipe Falcon Blade Recipe 225
Falcon Blade Falcon Blade 1100
Mage Slayer Recipe Mage Slayer Recipe 600
Mage Slayer Mage Slayer 3400
Drum of Endurance Recipe Drum of Endurance Recipe 550
Drum of Endurance Drum of Endurance 1700
Medallion of Courage Medallion of Courage 1025
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Solar Crest Solar Crest 3775
Smoke of Deceit Smoke of Deceit 50
Tome of Knowledge Tome of Knowledge 75
Veil of Discord Recipe Veil of Discord Recipe 650
Veil of Discord Veil of Discord 1525
Guardian Greaves Recipe Guardian Greaves Recipe 1600
Guardian Greaves Guardian Greaves 5250
Rod of Atos Recipe Rod of Atos Recipe 850
Rod of Atos Rod of Atos 2750
Iron Talon Recipe Iron Talon Recipe 125
Iron Talon Iron Talon 301
Abyssal Blade Recipe Abyssal Blade Recipe 1750
Abyssal Blade Abyssal Blade 6625
Heaven's Halberd Recipe Heaven's Halberd Recipe 200
Heaven's Halberd Heaven's Halberd 3650
Ring of Aquila Ring of Aquila FREE
Tranquil Boots Tranquil Boots 925
Shadow Amulet Shadow Amulet 1000
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Glimmer Cape Glimmer Cape 1900
River Vial: Chrome River Vial: Chrome FREE
River Vial: Dry River Vial: Dry FREE
River Vial: Slime River Vial: Slime FREE
River Vial: Oil River Vial: Oil FREE
River Vial: Electrified River Vial: Electrified FREE
River Vial: Potion River Vial: Potion FREE
River Vial: Blood River Vial: Blood FREE
Tombstone Tombstone FREE
Super Blink Dagger Super Blink Dagger FREE
Pocket Tower Pocket Tower FREE
Pocket Roshan Pocket Roshan 1000
Keen Optic Keen Optic FREE
Grove Bow Grove Bow FREE
Quickening Charm Quickening Charm FREE
Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone FREE
Force Boots Force Boots FREE
Stygian Desolator Stygian Desolator FREE
Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash FREE
Seer Stone Seer Stone FREE
Greater Mango Greater Mango FREE
Elixir Elixir FREE
Vampire Fangs Vampire Fangs FREE
Craggy Coat Craggy Coat FREE
Greater Faerie Fire Greater Faerie Fire FREE
Timeless Relic Timeless Relic FREE
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield FREE
Ironwood Tree Recipe Ironwood Tree Recipe 1
Ironwood Tree Ironwood Tree 151
Mango Tree Mango Tree FREE
Royal Jelly Royal Jelly FREE
Pupil's Gift Pupil's Gift FREE
Tome of Aghanim Tome of Aghanim FREE
Repair Kit Repair Kit FREE
Mind Breaker Mind Breaker FREE
Third Eye Third Eye FREE
Spell Prism Spell Prism FREE
Prince's Knife Prince's Knife FREE
Witless Shako Witless Shako FREE
Imp Claw Imp Claw FREE
Flicker Flicker FREE
Telescope Telescope FREE
Spider Legs Spider Legs FREE
Helm of the Undying Helm of the Undying FREE
Vambrace Vambrace FREE
Horizon Horizon FREE
Fusion Rune Fusion Rune FREE
Ocean Heart Ocean Heart FREE
Broom Handle Broom Handle FREE
Trusty Shovel Trusty Shovel FREE
Nether Shawl Nether Shawl FREE
Dragon Scale Dragon Scale FREE
Essence Ring Essence Ring FREE
Clumsy Net Clumsy Net FREE
Enchanted Quiver Enchanted Quiver FREE
Ninja Gear Ninja Gear FREE
Illusionist's Cape Illusionist's Cape FREE
Havoc Hammer Havoc Hammer FREE
Magic Lamp Magic Lamp FREE
Apex Apex FREE
Ballista Ballista FREE
Woodland Striders Woodland Striders FREE
Trident Recipe Trident Recipe 1
Book of the Dead Book of the Dead FREE
Recipe: Fallen Sky Recipe: Fallen Sky 1
Fallen Sky Fallen Sky 4751
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat FREE
Dimensional Doorway Dimensional Doorway FREE
Ex Machina Ex Machina FREE
Faded Broach Faded Broach FREE
Paladin Sword Paladin Sword FREE
Minotaur Horn Minotaur Horn FREE
Orb of Destruction Orb of Destruction FREE
The Leveller The Leveller FREE
Arcane Ring Arcane Ring FREE
Titan Sliver Titan Sliver FREE
Chipped Vest Chipped Vest FREE
Wizard Glass Wizard Glass FREE
Gloves of Travel Gloves of Travel FREE
Elven Tunic Elven Tunic FREE
Cloak of Flames Cloak of Flames FREE
Venom Gland Venom Gland FREE
Trickster Cloak Trickster Cloak FREE
Gladiator Helm Gladiator Helm FREE
Possessed Mask Possessed Mask FREE
Ancient Perseverance Ancient Perseverance FREE
Star Mace Star Mace FREE
Penta-Edged Sword Penta-Edged Sword FREE
Oakheart Oakheart FREE
Warhammer Warhammer FREE
Bullwhip Bullwhip FREE
Psychic Headband Psychic Headband FREE
Ceremonial Robe Ceremonial Robe FREE
Quicksilver Amulet Quicksilver Amulet FREE
Book of Shadows Book of Shadows FREE
Giant's Ring Giant's Ring FREE
Shadow of Vengeance Shadow of Vengeance FREE
Stormcrafter Stormcrafter FREE
Overflowing Elixir Overflowing Elixir FREE
Fairy's Trinket Fairy's Trinket FREE
Diffusal Blade Diffusal Blade 3850