DOTA 2 | Tinker Anti-Physical Build 7.28a

Tinker is one of those heroes in Dota 2 which keeps you on the edge. To use him, you need to do proper key setups and have a decent speed to cast. After patch 7.28a for the game, Tinker has become ever so prominent once again. This is attributed to the Aghanim’s Shards that you can consume. This in turn gives you an extra ability to work with.

In this guide for patch 7.28a (Core) Tinker, We will discuss a build which is making quite the buzz. That is the Anti-Physcial Build for the Hero. Take note that a bad player will still do bad even with the best of builds. In the hands of a decent player, this build can do wonders. Let us take a look…

Anti-Physical Build for Tinker (7.28a – Core)

dota-2-tinker anti physical build

Starting Items

To Start off with, I will suggest you go with 3xClarity, 6xTango, 1xIron Branch, and 3 Mangoes. Your main goal is to dominate MID early on! These items will ensure that you keep the pressure on the enemy mid lane. After you push the towers, you can contest for runes and go for side camps for additional XP and gold. If you even fall short of items, get one asap.

Early Game Items

In Early Game, it would be the standard mid items for Tinker players. For beginners, it should be a Bottle, Boots of Travel, Soul Ring, and Blink Dagger. For Neutrals, you can try to get Spider Legs if you can, to increase mobility. These items should be enough.

Core Items

This is where you would really need to pick your items wisely. In this case we already know what to pick to make this build happen. This would consist of Boots of Travel from the previous build, Aghanim’s Shard (Consumable), and Blademail. Other items include Ethereal + Dagon, and Arcane Blink.

Situational Items

These items will will vary depending on opponents builds. For example, if someone like an Ogre starts spamming spells, you best bet is to go for Orb to reflect damage and stuns. A BKB can also be clutch in these situations. Hexing in another way to stop Kiting enemies. You should only go for Aghs Scepter if you are not building Shards. This section is to be experimented with and varies with time and updates.

Ability Build

I will list the build as per the Names of the abilities and at the end, the skill tree. Take note of the numbers you need to invest the level upgrades on. If you face issues in figuring out, let me know in the comments below and I will try to put it in a better way. For the time being, here they are:

  • Laser – 2, 4, 8, 11
  • Heat-Seeking Missile – 3, 5, 9, 13
  • March of The Machines – 1, 7, 14, 16
  • Rearm – 6, 12, 18
  • Talent Tree -10, 15, 20, 25

Talent Tree Picks

Heat-Seeking Missile Ministun 25 Laser Damage
March of The Machine Damage 20 Armor
Mana Cost/ Mana Loss Reduction 15 March of The Machine Duration
Cast Range 10 Spell Amplification

You will notice that I have not put the values for the Talent Tree skills. That is because they keep changing with small updates every now and then. But the general skill remains more or less the same. If they make changes in that, I will update this post regarding the same.

How To use (Tips)

The items are pretty self explanatory and any moderate to experienced Dota 2 player will know how to use the build. For the beginners, I will explain how it works. When in a Gank, Team Fight, or a 1v1, first use your Defense Matrix (D). After that, activate Blademail to tank and reflect back damage to enemies. Now Simply rearm and repeat the process. While doing this, you can do your usual spell combos to deal additional damage and make sure that the enemy is left in splits!

To conclude, I will say that this is a very effective strategy if you are looking for unique builds for your favorite Doctor Tinker! Use it wisely and well and have fun on the battlefield. Let me know down in the comments if you have any doubts, suggestions, or general questions. Thanks for dropping by and I will see you in the next one!

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